A taste of summer at Borealis

When summer arrives at Borealis, so do our Summer Trainees. Our summer internships offer students an insight in the working environment within an international company and help us in covering the vacation period.

The trainees join us for a few weeks or months in various locations and across different departments such as production, maintenance, quality control, logistics, customer service and other support functions. Not only do they join different departments, they also come from many different backgrounds themselves. Some still need to start their career, while others are looking to start a new one.  It’s exciting to see all this diversity and support these talents in their journey.

In addition, many trainees decide to come back the next summer or become permanent members of the Borealis Family. This makes our Summer Trainee program a true investment for the future.

Curious to find out more? Get inspired by the discoveries of Anna, Patrick and Magdalena, who joined us in 2022, together with over 200 other Summer Trainees.


We go beyond boundaries. Together.

  • Meet Magdalena

    I learned about the aspects of time-management and self-organization, how innovation project management is organized at Borealis with all its advantages and disadvantages, how to plan a roadmap and transfer theory to action. I was also able to build up knowledge about many topics in relation to project management and innovation project management excellence.

    The working atmosphere is very welcoming and comfortable. Colleagues are supporting me in every way and there is a very positive atmosphere in the office.

    It was great to be able to present the results of my bachelor thesis to the whole team and get great feedback, but it’s also many small moments during the day, when you laugh together with colleagues or share achievements.


  • Meet Patrick

    Managing task priorities was the first thing I needed to learn. Then came the dreaded SAP fundamentals crash course, which was not that bad after all.  I have also discovered my interest and ability to work with different kinds of people. 

    The atmosphere here at Borealis has been excellent. Everyone has been very helpful and new work tasks are always delivered with a smile. 

    My favorite memory has been when I got the opportunity to take part in a recruitment process, which I found fascinating. Also, our summer party with the other trainees (including mini-golf, bowling and hamburgers) was wonderful. Our team day in Emäsalo was really nice and relaxing, too. And how can I forget our office lunch break at this amazing local restaurant by the sea, where we ate grilled salmon.   


  • Meet Anna

    In the Quality Control department I learned about the different methods of testing the quality of polypropylene and polyethylene. I learned how to operate different machines and devices, microscopes and perform different tests in the laboratories. Another important lesson was – how to fill in the protocols and organize the data.

    I really like working together with my team. Everyone is very friendly and helps me a lot. Especially I am thankful for my mentors who trained me and explained everything every step of the way. Big thanks to the Department Manager, who introduced me to the team and helped with all the organizational matters.

    My favorite memory so far was operating the injection molding machine ENGEL. I was producing the polypropylene parts for the future testing using the granulated compound. It was my first time operating such a huge machine and that is why it was so memorable.



Join us next summer!