Diversity & Inclusion at Borealis

Borealis’ vision is to become the global leader in advanced and circular polyolefins solutions. In order to make that happen, cultivating a high-performing and increasingly diverse and mobile organisation is at the top of our agenda and embedded in Borealis’ Group Strategy 2035.

While Diversity and Inclusion have been part of our Borealis culture for many years, we are continuously looking to improve and to grow. In order to strengthen diversity and inclusion within our organisation, we have defined five principles that help us reach, attract and retain a diverse range of talents.

 #1 l It's a journey 

Diversity & inclusion is a journey and a never-finished product. Significant change will only happen if organisations go beyond the tick-the-box approach. This is why we focus on continually building awareness, buy-in and continuous improvements.

#2 l Dream big, start small, with gender diversity

Gender diversity is our starting point. This allows us to broaden our knowledge with a specific focus, learn from that experience and expand towards other forms of diversity. That does not mean we do not address other diversity areas in the meantime, on the contrary, but we truly believe by addressing gender diversity, naturally and sub-consciously other areas will grow as well.

#3 l Diversity within diversity

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution as a response to the D&I-challenge. We do not impose a common mandatory action plan but a combination of diverse approaches and overall initiatives throughout the organisation. Also, spontaneous, bottom-up and self-driven initiatives are highly welcomed.

#4 l Leadership is key!

Leaders at all levels play a crucial role in the creation of a D&I culture; the way they act, decide, talk and behave in general. Research shows that the behaviours of leaders can increase the difference between the proportion of employees who feel highly included and the proportion of those who do not by up to 70 percent.

#5 l The "heart & mind" vs. "actions & results"

You see, equality is not only a matter of mathematics and geometry, but it’s a matter of psychology” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

When it comes to diversity & inclusion, immediate and short-term actions are secondary. We focus on general awareness, beliefs and perception that we all have as human beings surrounding this topic. Sharing, exchanging, questioning and reflecting is equally as important as implementing concrete measures. In the end, we believe that every one of us at Borealis makes a difference. At Borealis, we go beyond boundaries. Together.


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