In this Employee Spotlight, we are excited to shine a light on Jonas who joined our HR team in Stenungsund, Sweden in the area of people reward and mobility in March 2019. Jonas is not only a very good example of why a tax background might come very handy when working in HR but also that sometimes being the right person for the job prevails location.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am Jonas Prevander and I work in the HR department of Borealis in Stenungsund, Sweden where I am responsible for topics related to people reward and mobility. Before I joined Borealis, I was also working for Borealis :) but as a consultant for people mobility, an area I slid into due to my tax law background. I have had a very good picture of the company and the people I would work with when I decided to apply for a position I was only partly familiar with. However, I thought I am eager to learn and the feelings were mutual because only four days later, we signed the contract. Well, that was two years ago, I have not regretted my decision ever since. Besides that, I do have a wife and two boys who are four and one years old and who are keeping me busy when work does not. In general, I am a very energetic person who always wants to get something done. This does not make me very patient because if I have an idea, I want it implemented tomorrow but as we all know, life does not always work that way.

What is your job all about?

People reward and mobility is a very broad field but maybe to give an example, when we hire a person, I help the Talent Acquisition Specialist to find a suitable offer that is not only attractive for the candidate but also in line with our group policies and local regulations. In the area of mobility, I coordinate people assigned to Sweden but also those who are being sent to another country coming from Sweden. Everyone who has one or the other foot in Sweden gets my support.

Very recently, I took over a new position with a similar focus but on a Borealis group level which is very exciting. As mentioned, I am very eager to learn new things and I was seeking a new opportunity within the company. Even though I only joined two years ago, I have been given this great chance and this is something I appreciate about Borealis. If you show interest and do a good job, you will also get rewarded. It is also a position that was filled in the Borealis head quarter in Vienna before and I can still do it while being located in Sweden, which is another awesome aspect about Borealis.

How would you describe working with Borealis?

I love working with Borealis because of the people who care about each other and because it is an employer that cares about its employees. I enjoy having lots of freedom and getting the opportunity to choose myself where I would like to put more emphasis and I appreciate having the chance to drive my own initiatives. I like to improve things, to have an impact and interact with people and colleagues throughout the organization and all over the world.

Beyond that, Borealis is also putting a lot of effort and hard work into circular economy solutions and that is something that I truly believe in myself because, in the end, we cannot live without plastics.

What are some of your favourite things to do outside of work?

I love spending time with my family and doing activities with the children of course and I enjoy hanging around with friends and just playing games. I love to travel and explore different countries, cultures and I cannot wait to show my kids the world outside of - the sometimes quite boring - Gothenburg and Sweden. I enjoy watching documentaries even though I do not have a specific field of interest. I just like to learn about different things and the world and this might be even sad sometimes but it also helps you appreciate the things you do have like a job, a family and a house. Sometimes I also enjoy watching series but documentaries sound much more impressive for this article :)

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If I would have to choose only one meal I would have to eat for the rest of my life, I would say tacos because then you can choose different fillings and still have variety. It is also something that can be fancy and comfort food and the most important aspect, tacos are the only thing, my whole family likes so it makes my life a little bit easier as well.


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