The Borealis Family

For over 25 years, Borealis has been a leading provider of polyolefins, base chemicals, and fertilizers. In line with its mission to Keep Discovering, innovative solutions made possible by Borealis are driving the transformation to a more circular economy. Borealis has developed from its early roots in Scandinavia to become a global enterprise. It has operations on five continents –and major growth projects on three. Borealis and its over 6,900 employees strive to create added value for their communities and society as a whole.
We do it as a team and as a Borealis family. We go beyond boundaries. Together.

  • Thierry Le Compte

    I am Thierry and I am the Procurement and Risk Manager of the Houston Project, which is building the first Borstar® plant in the United States. In 2014 I joined Borouge, our joint venture in the UAE, as Business Improvement Manager and later Site Controlling Manager at the production site of one of the largest integrated petrochemical plants in the World. In 2019 I started an assignment in Italy as the Project Control Manager of the project which was responsible for a study to explore expansion opportunities globally. My favourite part of working with Borealis is that Borealis is expanding in various directions, which provides a diverse amount of opportunities for the employees. Furthermore, I admire Borealis for the fact that we are putting HSE and Sustainability at the forefront. The plastic business is getting a headwind but Borealis is taking wise decisions to ensure they are ahead of the change e.g. by investing in recycling businesses. Here in Borealis we definitely rise to the challenge!

  • Vanessa Glanzer

    I am Vanessa and I am a Talent Acquisition Specialist in Vienna where I have joined Borealis in August 2018. The most favourite part of my job is definitely offering a position to a candidate who applied with Borealis and seeing how a single sentence or a few words can change peoples’ life to the positive. I enjoy working with Borealis a lot as it is an international and multi-cultural company which comes with challenges but most of all chances. We put people first is not something that was written down on a piece of paper once but it is exactly how we treat each other every day and this makes Borealis a truly great employer to me.

  • Frida Fransson

    I am Frida, a Technical Production Manager for the Cracker plant  in Stenungsund, Sweden. I joined Borealis 2011. I enjoy working in teams with different problems to solve and find opportunities to improve, find the solutions together as a team! In addition to this to get the opportunity as a manager to coach my team and see them grow whichresult in both high performance as well as a safe and reliable operation of the cracker plant. I think my favourite aspect is the open communication we have between everyone, independent of work tasks or on what hierarchal level you work. It creates a positive work environment and it is easy to share your thoughts and opinions. Borealis truly cares about its employees. Borealis makes me, as an employee, feel that we are succeeding together which to me is a fantastic feeling.

  • Lubomir Krabac

    My name is Lubomir and I work as a Senior Scientist in the Innotech Process Technology department in Linz since June 2018. The favourite part of my job is that I can significantly improve the future from my position. I experiment in the lab and together with my skilled colleagues select a better performing material or reveal a root cause of an issue, which was causing safety and financial headache. It brings me to what I enjoy most about working at Borealis – simply being in a team of smart, highly motivated people, capable of moving forward together and contribute mutually to the joint target: be the best, no matter the challenge, but still being respectful to nature, environment, and, last but not least, to each other. Every day I come to work, I feel that there is a new and better future, and we are just working on making it happen right now. This way of keeping its employees so excited and passionate about what they do makes Borealis a great employer, always one step ahead.

Charlotte Weber

Engineer - Finland

I am Charlotta Weber and I work as a Process Engineer at Borealis. We produce polyethylene and polypropylene plastics. The plastic materials are used for coating cables and making packaging materials. They are also used for various health sector products and the plastics we produce are also recyclable. At Borealis, our product developers develop new products, whereas our engineers focus on developing the plants so that these particular products can be manufactured. I love my colleagues and frequently get to cooperate with them. I would also like to mention that the development opportunities are excellent here. There are different kinds of duty-related development and training opportunities. We also need to continuously develop our processes in order to guarantee that the necessary products can be manufactured in a manner which is as environmentally friendly as possible. Borealis has plants all over the world, e.g. Austria, Germany, France, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Emmi Nguyen

Process Operator - Finland

I am Emmi and I work at the Borealis PE2 plant. My working day in the field consists of different kinds of duties, such as changing and adjusting machine parts and compressors, tours in the field as well as collecting samples and analysing them here in the field laboratory. What I most like about my work is solving different kinds of problems. I like challenges and different projects and the fact that no single working day is the same. I have studied in Tampere and graduated as a process operator. This field of work has excellent career advancement and training opportunities, such as specialised vocational training and supervisory training. There is plenty of work for process operators in the field.


Lab Technician - Belgium

I am Anne-Sophie and I work for Borealis in the lab. We produce polypropylene, a base material for various industries such as the food and cable industry. As a lab technician, I examine the quality of our processes on a day-to-day basis. We receive samples in our lab and analyse them according to the correct procedures using state-of-the art measuring equipment. We perform the various quality controls to ensure we deliver a top-notch product to our customers. Storing the various samples is our responsibility as a team. Our team is composed of shift workers as well as people working in day shift, enabling us to always offer an optimal service.


Engineer - Belgium

I am Geert and I work for Borealis as an engineer. As an engineer at Borealis, there are various types of work, all designed to support our production facilities. This ranges from developing long-term efficiency improvements to a day-to-day search of immediate solutions. What I enjoy in this role is the continuous challenge to improve our installations. In collaboration with the various teams, we look for those improvements that are safe and environmentally friendly, so Borealis remains best in class.

Sarina Michiels

Expat - Borouge, United Arab Emirates

I am Sarina Michiels, I am Belgian and I moved to the UAE together with my 3 children and my husband who is also working for Borouge. I am a section head in operations support for polypropylene. We like change in our lives so when the question came to join Borouge 2 years ago, we did not spend too much time thinking about it. There was a lot of support from Borealis HR, so after 4 weeks we were totally settled and happy to be here. A regular working day starts at 7am, and the first thing we do in the morning is check the status of the plants. After this, we have some fixed meetings and when the meetings are over, we go to our day-to-day job. Usually when we come home, we go to the gym and by the time we come back from the gym we have some quality time with our children, just the regular things you do in your home country. Borouge has over 3000 employees coming from over 40 different countries. So you get the learn to work together with all these different cultures.